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Posted on August 14 2017

One of our favorite companies is back - with new styles for members at The List We Love. The first time we carried Boutique Mexico we had people snapping up their fair trade bags and pom poms as soon as the sale went live. This time around there are a few details we want to make sure members do not miss.

  1. See the black and white clutch Francesca is wearing? That is NOT fabric! It's actually way more amazing.....its RECYCLED PLASTIC! YES! Since the sale last time we've been wearing our own Boutique Mexico purchases and the first thing many of our friends said was, "We had NO idea how amazing the craftsmanship is. That's plastic? We thought it was fabric. When are you carrying these bags again?" 

  2. The quality of the bags makes it obvious they are not made in some cheap factory. From the small embossed leather labels to the heft of the recycled woven plastic, these are bags that can stand up to anything. 

  3. The tote bags have REALLY STRONG straps and they are long enough for even the tallest person to wear them comfortably. One of our friends is over 6 feet tall and her only concern was are the straps long enough? THEY ARE...which makes them the perfect bag for farmer's markets, running errands and toting kids' stuff around. 

So there you have it....Don't miss your chance to own a great wardrobe essential for an incredible deal. For more information on how Boutique Mexico bags are made by artisans in Mexico check out our last blog post by clicking the picture below.

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