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Posted on August 28 2017

The best businesses start with a combination of passion, talent and fun, all obvious in the creations by Brandy Schuman from A Sensible Habit. Each piece of jewelry, ceramics and stationary offered are colorful, unique and perfect for gift giving....or keeping for yourself. 


Schuman, who works out of her home studio in Atlanta, Georgia, says she's influenced by the South but finds inspiration everywhere. "Some of the best ideas come from just putting pen or brush to paper and going for it. I'm not a big planner and enjoy an organic creative process, letting my ideas flow freely.

Schuman says, "In the past few years, I’ve taken letterpress, calligraphy, and ceramics classes. Constantly exploring new mediums, art has always been a part of my life. I’ve never entertained the idea of doing anything else. Turning my designs into functional items and seeing them go off into the world is beyond exciting, rewarding, and a dream come true."



We especially like Brandy's smaller creations like her jewelry and tiny pinch bowls. Pamela from Sweet Peach blog, who introduced us to A Sensible Habit, finds the tiny creations essential anytime she entertains, "I love to have pinch bowls with salt and pepper on the table at all my supper clubs - but they're perfect for candy too. You won't come to any party of mine without some type of chocolate in a cute dish around the house. Chocolate is always a good idea, especially m & m's.."

Special thanks to Ned Stresen-Reuter photography
Instagram @neddershred
The List We Love

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