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Posted on July 24 2017

SolScents completely changed our way of looking at sunscreen. Even though there are tons of different brands out there; why is it they all seem to smell the same? And the thing is.... not everyone wants to smell like a coconut or feel completely greasy after you put it on. 

SolScents not only offers scents you wouldn't ordinarily connect with sunscreen but it also is light and super moisturizing regardless of what SPF you buy. SolScents comes in scents like cucumber melon, raspberry dreams, vanilla silk, flower blast, and Nikki's favorite Angelica. 

Like so many other brands we feature, this one also has a charitable element that we love. Each color corresponds with a different charity SolScents donates to with every purchase you make. Nikki's favorite scent, Angelica, is committed to stopping animal cruelty and a portion of each purchase is donated to The Humane Society of Miami in SolScents hometown of Miami, Florida.  Other causes include hunger awareness, education reform, environmental protection, anti bullying campaigns, cancer research and heart disease prevention. 

This is a product you can feel good about. It's made in the USA, not tested on animals and uses 100% recycled bottles. 


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