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Posted on July 31 2017

We are big fans of products that make life easier, more green and sustainable; so when Trina Albus introduced us to Yuni Beauty we knew we had to work out a special deal for you.

Founder Emmanuel Rey of Yuni Beauty is the former Senior VP of North America for Aveda and you can definitely see the influence in Yuni. Their products have that completely calming, unique botanical scent that stays with you all day. Yuni was created by and for Yogis so if you practice Yoga you will find their creams, oils and skin care a perfect companion to your daily routine. But you don't have to be a Yogi to appreciate and obsess over using products that are devoted to using the highest quality natural ingredients and made in the United States. 

Founder & Ceo, Emmanuel Rey with wife and Co- Founder, Suzanne Dawson


Trina's favorite product from Yuni are the shower sheets; but ours has to be the concentrated cleansing creme. This relaxing cleanser combines Fair Trade Tumeric and Green Tea extract into the most lovely body wash you can use everyday. Between the aromatic oils and non-toxic, plant based formula you can feel good about using this luxe creme cleanser. 


Our other Yuni favorites are anything that includes aromatherapy and this Body Balance Aroma Concentrate is the perfect way to sooth stress and escape. Its roller ball applicator is small enough to fit into a small bag or even your pocket and comes in handy when you need a mood boost. For an even bigger boost grab the Rise & Chill Cooling body gel or Wind Down Wonder for a way to calm and relieve your muscles and mind after a yoga session, workout or stressful day. 


We hope you enjoy this curated collection of Yuni Beauty which will help provide you balance and calm to otherwise chaotic life. 
The List We Love


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