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Posted on July 31 2017

We are so very excited to bring this special Natalie fragrance collection to you. This is the first time this very personal and lovely fragrance has been offered at such an unbelievable price. 

The world called Natalie Wood a Hollywood icon but for Natasha Gregson Wagner and Courtney Wagner, they called her mom. Their memories are sweet and tied to one and only one scent - the delicate fragrance of gardenias. Which is why they chose to honor and celebrate their mother's life with an updated version of that very perfume. 


 Make no mistake this is not an "old" fragrance. I'm not actually a fan of floral scents, which is why I was surprised how much I love this unique, light fragrance. According to Natasha she wanted to make a modern, crisp scent that smelled like the gardenias in her backyard; and I think she succeeded brilliantly.  



The story of her legendary connection to gardenias started in 1946 when Natalie appeared in the comedy "The Bride Wore Boots" with Barbara Stanwyck. The elder actress' signature scent was gardenia perfume ,which she sent to her young costar as a gift and that gesture gave Natalie a lifelong love for the fragrance. Natalie liked it so much,  she often gifted people the same fragrance when someone complimented her on the scent.

We named this blog "Behind the Brands" because we think the stories behind the products you use every day are important. There is nothing more beautiful than love of family and the connection between mothers and daughters. Now you can channel that love each time you use the Natalie fragrance collection and celebrate the life of a Hollywood legend whose most important role was mom. 

The List We Love

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