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Posted on August 14 2017

Ever since its launch, in 2012 by Sarah Dubbeldam, Darling Magazine has set out to create a new standard for "women's" magazines. A standard that includes not using photoshop to alter someone's face or body, talking about issues and potential solutions in an authentic real world way, encouraging mindful purchases, saving money and positive support of the people around you. 

With its beautiful art direction, thoughtful articles and features on women from all walks of life, Darling magazine has always strived to stand out in a world of glossy magazines who seemingly only focus on an airbrushed life.  But with the recent  launch of Darling Media, its pretty obvious they aren't done trying to change the way women see themselves in popular culture.


At first glance you might mistake Darling Magazine for any other magazine, until you see their mission and models, one that includes so many honorable objectives and positive encouragement to women who are often under siege with over sexualized images in media, body standards that aren't realistic and pressure to alter yourself to fit the "popular" standard of beauty. 

From their blog to the magazine, they organize their content under eight categories.  They are INTELLECTUAL, HOSTESS, DREAMER, CONFIDANT, STYLIST, EXPLORER, BEAUTICIAN, ACHIEVER. The categories are meant to celebrate the many sides of being a woman. 

Recently the founders of Darling Magazine felt the mission of the magazine needed a larger and different type of reach and after a long and very successful investor campaign launched Darling Media. The venture will provide thoughtful documentaries and other content produced the Darling way. 

As a supporter of Darling magazine, we are very excited to see the direction the team is taking into the content realm. Now more than ever uplifting, positive messages of encouragement are needed for young women and we look forward to seeing how their partnerships and collaborations can continue making an impact. 

The List We Love

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