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Posted on July 24 2017

Living with pets isn't always easy.  Yes they are adorable and loving, but they often leave behind smells and stains you'd rather not have in your house. That's why you need Petbiotics. This line of safe, all natural products restores balance and promotes healthy clean living for you and your pet. 

From non-toxic cleaners, to shampoos, conditioners, wipes and sprays to freshen up your pets' coats, Petbiotics eliminates the problem and doesn't just cover it up. It leaves behind a fresh scent that smells like you've been cleaning all day. 

Petbiotics products are biodegradable, alcohol free, non GMO, cruelty and allergy free, clinically tested and approved, non-toxic and water based.

These wipes are Nikki's favorite and after spending the day shooting with her and Bernadette (her adorable pooch) its easy to see why she loves them so much. A quick wipe down of Bernie's coat and hair, dirt and dander were gone. And if it works on her coat you know it will work on a dog of any size. 

Pets get into everything and these are perfect for wiping off really dirty paws before they track it through the house. Towels may work for muddy paws....but what if Fido steps in something a little more disgusting than mud? Yeah - you know what I mean. Don't you think it's time to do a little shopping? And at these prices you might as well try all the products. I know you'll find one or two you'll really like. 

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