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Posted on September 04 2017

It's finally the transition into our favorite time of year, which means big sweaters, chunky knits and coats. But just because you have all those layers doesn't mean you have to add statement or costume jewelry to stand out, especially in the early seasonal transition to fall when you still might be pushing up your sleeves or are making more of a statement with your clothing.

Minimalism in interior and clothing design works because you end of noticing each piece of decor or furniture and the tiny details that make it special. Whether its how the fabric drapes or how the buttons are carefully sewn on; if you embrace minimalism you love quality.

So when it comes to jewelry in the fall we think there is something really special about wearing 14K gold, diamonds and simple classic pieces because that's something that will stand up to and at the same time compliment all those beautiful fall outfits you're about to grab from your closet. 

The List We Love

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