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Posted on August 04 2017


Home organization is a multi million dollar business, actually maybe even multi billion; yet its something most people only aspire too because its too daunting to actually achieve in real life. The same goes with packing for a trip. I aspire to have Pinterest worthy perfection but it never happens. 

Mumi Packing cubes are a realistic way to get organized without all the hassle. Just separate your clothes (pants, shoes, socks, tops, etc...) pick a Mumi bag, zip it up and put them in your suitcase. You'll be surprised at how much more stuff you can pack and it will stay visible through the mesh top. 

They are also great for those times you are at the airport and accidentally go over the weight limit. If that happens now instead of randomly grabbing a bunch of stuff and dumping it all over the ground at the airport, you can pick mumi bag and put it in your carryon. 

They aren't just a perfect packing cube, mumi organizers can also be used to separate dirty clothes from clean in a diaper or gym bag and since they are waterproof they'll clean right up. 

Mumi packing cubes come in several different colors, so each person can get their own color if you are sharing a closet or suitcase. Another plus is they fit inside each other when not in use; perfect for small spaces that don't have a lot of storage. 

Buy one now and show us how you use your Mumi; the possibilities are endless. 

The List We Love 


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