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Posted on August 28 2017

All photographs by Wes Cummings; co-owner of "Figure & Ground"

Pamela Berger (host) Celeste Bauer (chef)
Ormewood Park Supper Club
Atlanta, GA



Welcome Tapas: 
Spanish olives, cheeses, roasted almond and peppers. Serrano ham and prosciutto
First Course:
Empanadas con Mojo Picón / Ensalada Española
Second Course:
Chorizo, Chicken and Seafood Paella
Third Course:
Spanish Tile and Red Carnation Wedding Cake



The Ormewood Park Supper Club is a group of 17 people within the Atlanta community that come together for a 3-4 course dinner prepared by Chef Celeste Bauer. All suppers are served on my back porch with care for decor and a fun, relaxing vibe. It's a mix of artists, designers, entrepreneurs, runs the gamut. There will always be someone at the Supper Club you've never met before. The intention is for guests to mingle and meet new people and forge a strong community bond. All the guests do know me (i'm the connector if you will :) Based on all my connections through having a southern based blog for 5 1/2 years, I have a big pool of creative, interesting people to call upon. I sent out an invite to about 25 people and just see who can come. Usually within a day or two we're sold out. People are starting to really love them. There's also wine pairings offered by my friend Sarah Pierre of our local wine shop, 3 Parks Wine. Also, we meet at my home which is in Ormewood Park of Atlanta (hence the name). Tickets are usually $45 each or $60 with wine pairings. 




It started on a few levels. One, I stopped doing my blog and as happens in life, when one door closes another one opens. This is a fun, creative outlet for me and combines my passion of decor and connecting people in the neighborhood. It's actual origin began when my friend Celeste would come over my house with her two kids and make dinner for all of us. She loves to cook and bake and she's amazing at both. I learned during one of these dinners at my house that Celeste likes to fill up notebooks with elaborate menu ideas but never actually makes the full menus- so i'm like 'well let's make a menu and invite some friends.' So we did and now we can't stop. We both really love it.




We have completed 3 supper club dinners so far. The first theme was Indian, the second was Peaches and Bourbon and the last one was Spanish themed.



My personal favorite part is organically coming up with the way the evening should unfold. Over time, ideas start to fall into place. For this one, Celeste wanted to make Paella. So then my first thought was Spanish themed and the colors of red and white. So... these are the ideas that slowly formed in my head over the month preceding the event:

  • Decor would be white tablecloths with a mix of red flowers in red spanish tins (spanish tomato tins) 
  • I would buy white vintage napkins at thrift stores
  • Tie napkins with a red clip and place a red carnation under the clip. The red carnation is the national flower of Spain and symbolizes deep love and affection.
  • Burn Palo Santo, which is Spanish for "holy wood." Unlike sage which clears out good and bad energy from a room, Palo Santo clears out bad energy but brings in good energy. I told everyone about it, burned a few for the tables and then everyone got to take their own Palo Santo stick home. The scent of this sacred wood raises your vibration. 
  • So then thoughts started to formulate around the theme of raising your vibration and love. I would give a short talk about raising your vibration and why it's important. Then i talked about Pure Rose Oil which is a natural substance that vibrates at a frequency of 320 mhz.- more than any other natural substance found on earth. It takes 10,000 roses to make just 5 ml of rose oil. I passed around a small vile and everyone added a drop or two to their skin- which like any other pure essential oil, would penetrate every cell in their body within 21 minutes. 
  • Then i had everyone go around the table and do something to raise their vibration. They had 5 choices: Sing, compliment someone, say something you're grateful for, hug someone or make us laugh in some way. (someone recited a love poem which was great too) this was a fun way to break the ice and have everyone get to know each other a bit more. This whole intro once everyone sat down took about 10 minutes.
  • Then I passed around cold towels with Frangipani scent to cleanse our hands and lift our spirits even more. Then we ate and drank! All a bit hippy dippy but really fun. 
So that's a bit of a long answer but ultimately my favorite part is just coming up with the process - what is the decor, the basic theme, how can I make it fun and memorable for the guests? What is their takeaway gift (there's always something they leave with) I like giving it time to take shape in my head and so far, so good.

Also, something fun we tried at the last dinner was before dessert to have everyone get up and change seats and sit next to someone you didn't know. Everyone loved this- 



It's going to be in late October so I've been thinking of an "Angels and Spirits" candlelight dinner. I have two friends that are paranormal twins (that actually share the same aura) and are some of the most interesting people with the most insane stores you'll ever hear. As i've told friends about them over the years, it's been interesting to see how many of my own friends have their own 'spirit' stories or have their own intuitive abilities of some kind. I'm excited to bring those people to the dinner and have everyone share their experiences. More to come on this as the idea has just started to evolve...

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