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Posted on July 31 2017

HOMETOWN: Plymouth, MI (A suburb of Detroit)
CURRENT HOME: Santa Monica, CA
OCCUPATION: Founder & President of MAGENTA,
the Social Marketing Agency for Beauty Brands,
Beauty Influencer/Vlogger: Beauty Beyond 40 on YouTube,
and Digital Marketing Instructor at Association of National Advertisers.


FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM: Instagram. I'm a highly visual person, so I love keeping up with friends and family through visual stories, and discovering new people, products, and trends on Instagram. Also, since the rollout of Instagram Stories, I can have more fun showing the un-edited, playful version of my life
knowing it will disappear in 24 hours!


BEST BEAUTY ADVICE: Wear retinol at night and SPF during the day. This magic combination reveals and protects younger looking skin, so wearing makeup becomes more fun since you won't need it as much to cover up your skin; you can use it to enhance your natural, beautiful skin.


WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GREW UP: A veterinarian. I'm glad I decided to pursue a career in the digital space instead; I never get bored with the ever-changing landscape. I spend my down time with my Shiba Inu puppy named kook


MOVIE THEATRE OR NETFLIX? I absolutely love going to the movie theatre (sometimes just for the popcorn) but since I'm on-the-go so often for work and traveling across the country for speaking engagements, I usually get caught up via Netflix since I can watch on my laptop or phone wherever I am.



NEW OR VINTAGE: Both. I prefer to mix old with new, just like I mix high-end pieces with low-end pieces. If an outfit is too matchy-matchy, it can be boring. When you mix it up, your personality shines through and your outfit tells a story about who you are.

The List We Love 

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