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Posted on July 17 2017

WHO: Tienlyn of @thoughtfulmisfit 

HOMETOWN: Stanford, CA

CURENT HOME: Joshua Tree, CA

3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Scrappy, Funny, Contemplative 


FASHION UNIFORM:  I like streamlined, clean lines and understated, thoughtful design, however I love a touch of something experimental or pieces that push boundaries in an intelligent way.


DREAM VACATION:  I love history so any place where the history of a place is still present is a huge plus. I'm drawn to romantic places like Seville or Florence. But I'm also in love with the jungle. Upcountry in Hawaii is my happy place.


GLAMPING OR CAMPING: Glamping! I don't do tents. If I can help it.  


CAT OR DOG: Dog. But cats that think they are dogs too.

The List We Love Team
by Nikko DeTranquilli
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