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Posted on June 25 2017

One of the things we are passionate about at The List We Love is discovering emerging artists and artisans. Right now is such an exciting time for all types of creatives because social media opened up an incredible platform for people to share and create their work.  One of the most engaging, interesting artists in the Downtown LA scene right now is  Belgian born creative Caroline Geys, someone who we, in fact, met on social media. 


There's something really special about the way she combines line, color and proportion in a kinetic abstract way and it doesn't hurt that it feels like a much more sophisticated version of the spirograph art we used to make as kids. It's fun art that doesn't take itself seriously. And it would look great in any room in your home. 

We also love her because in addition to the many high profile events she's involved in, like Coachella,  she is incredibly involved in community service and art installations that give back. One of our favorite projects is her utility box art that are all over Los Angeles. So much of the city, where young children live, is full of severe ugly concrete and these art pieces add a colorful place for your eye to land and maybe even spark a little bit of creativity for the kids that pass them each day. 


For these reasons and more we are so excited to be partnering up with Caroline on an exclusive special collection for The List We Love. Stay tuned for more.....




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