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Posted on July 17 2017

When we were planning Tienlyn's list it was pretty easy to figure out where to shoot everything; that's because she and her husband just recently opened the doors to another incredible property you can rent on air bnb (they have two in Joshua Tree - @cactusmountain & @thegeodome).

The Joshua Tree Geodome is located in one of the best locations in the area. It's 5 minutes from Downtown Joshua Tree, close to the National Park, the Integratron and the Noah Purifoy Art Site. Whether you are in Los Angeles, San Diego or flying in to experience the desert, it's the perfect escape. 


 Its simple, clean, modern decor is a wonderful compliment to the serene intensity of Joshua Tree. After a day spent exploring you can cozy up to fluffy, soft lambswool pillows and a relaxed linen throw sourced from The List We Love. 


 And the quiet mornings are the perfect place to meditate over a quiet cup of coffee.....


                  .......or relax with that book you've been meaning to pick up again.  


Like we mentioned, this is the couple's second property. The picture above is of Cactus Mountain which is also in Joshua Tree. Both these dreamy escapes are available on Airbnb right now - tell them you saw the feature on The List We Love. 
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