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Posted on July 17 2017

Instagram is the best place to find creative people doing incredible things and it's certainly true when it comes to art. We came across Ian Shepard's pieces one weekend while scrolling through our social feeds. His artwork is so whimsical and has a motion that is easy to love. That's why we are so excited to share an exclusive collection of prints from his fine art work. 


Ian was born in Las Vegas, a place not immediately thought of when it comes to art, which might be why this self taught artist spent thousands of hours experimenting with various media and styles before he truly found his voice. 


Ian uses acrylic, tea, oils, oil sticks, watercolors and other pieces to create pieces he says "explore space and time while touching on the mythical and alchemical."  

After showing in galleries and having collectors around the country and Europe, Ian decided to partner up exclusively with The List We Love to bring you signed and numbered fine art prints for a special limited time price. Which one will you add to your space? 

Instagram: @ianshepardart

The List We Love team
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