PediSpin Multi-Tool Pedicure System - Purple

$24.00 $60.00


The Vanity Planet PediSpin is a full-service pedicure system that will have your feet feeling fresh in no time!

Designed for both men and women, this device effortlessly cleans deep to remove dirt, calluses, and dead skin.

The Hard Bristle Brush attachment primes your feet by clearing off any dirt.

Then the Pumice Stone helps exfoliate rough patches by removing dead skin.

Once your feet are dry, the Callus Shaver takes care of thicker calluses, while the Buffing Pad finishes off the work by leaving your skin silky and soft.

From cleaning to buffing, this device provides all the necessary tools to add a little pep to your step.

This multi-utility tool is lightweight and battery operated, making it completely portable to use at your convenience.

Easily switch between the different attachments without hassle. As a professional-caliber device, the PediSpin pampers your feet and leaves skin soft and smooth from heel to toe.

•Deep cleans to remove dirt and other debris from feet
•Exfoliates rough patches and removes dead skin
•Smooths thick calluses on heels
•Includes 4 attachment heads: Hard Bristle Brush, Pumice Stone, Buffing Pads, and Callus Shaver
•Designed for both men and women
•Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included)

How to Use:
Only use on the callused skin of the feet or elbows and knees if necessary, while exercising caution)
Remove lotions or skincare products, and make sure your feet are damp before use.
Start with the Hard Bristle Brush, then the Pumice stone, using a mild cleanser or exfoliating serum—if using an exfoliating serum, avoid those that have jagged particles.
Glide the PediSpin over callused areas in a gentle, rotating motion, making sure to hold the brush flush against the skin; applying the brush too forcefully may cause irritation.
For extra thick calluses, use the Callus Shaver.
Use the Buffing Pad as a final buff before rinsing and applying lotion to your feet.
To maximize the lifespan of your brush heads, we recommend rinsing the brush heads with soap and water after each use. However, please note, brush heads should be replaced every 3 months.

Materials: Stainless Steel, Plastic
Made in China

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