12-Piece "All Dolled Up" Professional Makeup Brush Set with Travel Bag

$24.99 $100.00


The All Dolled Up Professional Makeup Brush Set is perfect for those looking to improve their beauty routines and getting their beauty arsenal equipped with everything you need to achieve any look.

With 12, ultra-soft nylon brushes with coated wood handles to master any technique, you’ll find all your makeup needs are met.

And why deal with clutter? All Dolled Up comes with a faux-leather storage pouch that keeps all your brushes clean and organized, with a protective flap to ensure longevity. This convenient rollout pouch has two extra pockets that allow you to easily store eyeliner, foundation, or whatever you might need while on the go. Don’t settle for less; all you need to get All Dolled Up is right here in one professional set!

The Brushes:
1. Fan Brush - (Sweep away extra powder or apply highlighter)
2. Powder Brush - (Apply foundation, bronzer, and blush)
3. Small Blush Brush - (Apply blush on the apples of the cheeks) 4. Large Concealer Brush - (Conceal blemishes and imperfection) 5. Medium Shadow Brush - (Apply product to eyelids)
6. Small Shadow Brush - (Apply a small amount of
7. Medium Concealer Brush - (Cover imperfections around the mouth and nose)
8. Crease Blending Brush - (Apply eye shadow to the crease of the eye, or smudge eye shadow into the lash line for smoky eye effect)
9. Lip Brush - (Evenly coat lips with color)
10. Small Angled Liner Brush - (Apply liner precisely to the lash line)
11. Angled Liner Brush - (Apply liner to the lash line)
12. Liner Brush - (Apply liquid or cream eyeliner)

- Innovative, Comfortable Design
- Includes 12 Brushes for Versatile and Comprehensive Styling
- Ultra-Soft, Nylon Bristles Allow for Smooth, Streak
- Free Application of Dry, Cream, and Liquid Based Products
- Convenient, Protective Rollout Pouch Avoids Clutter
- Sturdy and Light Wooden Handles are Made for Advanced Comfort While Applying  

Care Information:
1. Rinse the bristles under lukewarm water, making sure the shaft and metals don’t get wet. Keep bristles pointed at a downward angle to avoid water running upwards towards the shaft.
2. Swirl bristles onto and unscented bar of white soap until nicely lathered. Or, use baby shampoo, putting a small amount into your hand, lathering in the same fashion until sudsy.
3. Rinse the soap out of the bristles with lukewarm water.
4. Gently squeeze out any excess water and reshape your brush head to previous shape.

Materials: Nylon, Wood
Made in China

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